Congratulations to our Student Researchers!


Please read this message from your Student Council President – Mr. Brooks Peterson

The 2021 student research symposium was an incredible success. Research has the power to bring people of different schools of thought and walks of life together, and that is what transpired this year. With presentations ranging from nutritional diets to help manage ADHD, qualitative analyses of human trafficking law enforcement perspectives, to papers about the effects of COVID on the grief process, it was impressive. Last year, the student council organized the research symposium with the Office of Student Affairs.  This year, it was Dr. Mandy Giust, the director of the Graduate Student Research Center, with the support of the Office of Student Affairs, who did an outstanding job. Thanks, Dr. Giust! This year there were a few new presenters and some returning presenters from last year. It is remarkable and encouraging to see the continuity of research between years and to witness the research interests of the students and faculty develop and become more refined over time.

It is crucial now more than ever to conduct research. In psychology, as in all disciplines, there are irrevocable long-lasting effects of COVID-19. Phenomena like anxiety and depression are rising due primarily to the social isolation that many have experienced over the last 14 months. The effects of these on the hardest-hit populations are only beginning to be understood, which is why more than ever, it is so vital that we put our efforts into research. As student researchers, this is an important issue to investigate, but this is not the only reason for conducting research. Research has a synergistic effect on the other facets of our educations, allowing us to get the most out of course work and clinical work. Please plan on joining us at the 6th Annual South Florida Research Symposium in 2022!