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Miami Alumni Network: Committed to encouraging lifelong education.

Albizu University has more than 8,000 alumni, ambassadors who use the knowledge and training gained at Albizu to encourage positive change in their communities and promote our institution around the world. The Albizu University Alumni Network is your connection to these fellow alumni.

The Alumni Network is the oldest organization on campus not directly related to academics. Governed by a volunteer board of directors, the association is committed to encouraging lifelong education, providing quality services and programming to alumni, and assisting in the continued development and enhancement of your alma mater. Its programs include an informative website for alumni, a subscription to the institutional newsletter, free continuing education workshops, meetings and activities, among others.

If you studied at Albizu University, the Miami Institute of Psychology, or Centro Caribeño de Estudios Post-Graduados, you are invited to become a member of the Alumni Network and help us further enhance our university. Your membership tells others that you support higher education while enabling you to network with fellow Albizu alumni.

First Annual Albizu Alumni Reunion and Fair

Get ready to reunite, reminisce, and recharge at the First Annual Albizu Alumni Reunion and Fair 2024! 🎉 Dive into professional presentations, earn CEUs, and enjoy a day filled...

Cuarta Feria de Empleo 2024 en el Recinto de San Juan

Este año, el Decanato de Estudiantes de la Universidad Albizu se preparará para ofrecer a nuestros estudiantes y egresados la Cuarta Feria de Empleo del Recinto de San Juan. ...

Atreverse a trascender: una versión inédita de liderazgo con el doctor Nelson E. Soto

Nos emociona compartir con nuestra comunidad un evento exclusivo que destaca la esencia y el profundo impacto del liderazgo. Exhortamos a todos a unirse a nuestro presidente, doctor Nelson...

Daring to Transcend: An Unedited Version of Courageous Leadership with Dr. Nelson E. Soto

We are excited to share an exclusive event highlighting courageous leadership's essence and profound impact. Join our President, Nelson E. Soto, for the forum "Daring to Transcend: An Unedited...

Andrea Sambuccetti

Univision News Correspondent

“Albizu University gave me more than an extraordinary academic learning experience, because It helped me to grow personally as much as professionally, and I will be always more than thankful for having this in my life”.