Message from the Information Technology (IT) team at Albizu University



I hope you are well and safe just like your families.  We all know that the world is experiencing a great turn in social interactions and moving to the full use of technology in our daily lives.   At the world level, there is a huge increase of video, email and text communications.   For this reason, we have to be very alert with the communications or advertisements that we receive from all communication channels or social networks since people who are trying to destroy systems or steal information (hackers) are going to be very active these days to take advantage of the situation.  Even if we have the best antiviruses, the best firewalls, and “secure” connections, hackers know that the chain link can be broken when the users interact with the systems.  For this reason, we must be very vigilant and exercise extra care with the following:

Be very careful with the personal communications you receive because a lot of altered information is spreading globally and can affect your computers or other personal electronic devices with hidden codes.
In institutional communications, always verify that the email comes from either or
If you do not knowthe sender, do not open the email and delete it.
If you know the sender but the message contains illogical or non-understandable information, contact the person through another separate way of communication or email to check if it is real.
Do not Reply all or Reply to emails you do not know, or open any attachments from unknown emails.
If the email comes from a known external email, confirm by another means of communication that the email is real.
Do not click on any confirmation request that you are not sure about it.  If you click by mistake, do not give any requested personal information (phishing).
If you are using a public computer, be sure to log out of the mail session you opened in the “browsers“.
If you receive nice videos or photos by WhatsApp or txt do not give forward to the string of contacts because the hackers can also enter your system later. Think that at the end of the chain of the message someone is earning money from the emails or phones stored in the chain.

With these steps you can all help us control the other wave of viruses that will be coming to us.  I hope you will follow this advice to help us keep our systems safer.   Thank you for your cooperation.   I hope you stay well and safe at home.

Luis A. Camacho Diaz
Institutional Director of Innovation Technology

Albizu  University
P.O. BOX 9023711
San Juan, P.R. 00902-3711