Message from the President of Albizu University



Sometimes difficult situations prevent us from reflecting on the blessings in our lives, and it makes it even more challenging to recognize that each moment we live is a gift.

This year has challenged us, but it showed us that we could overcome obstacles and see a better tomorrow.

Today, we enjoy a stronger University for which, we sincerely thank the students and members of the Albizu community for their commitment to the institution.

We also thank our Board of Trustees for the support they have given us this year.

We appreciate this beautiful opportunity to share our knowledge with other human beings, to see that we can contribute to having a better country, and we have what it takes to reach this aspirational goals.

Let’s be part of the solution. Let this be our gift to those around us.

I urge you to enjoy a festive period responsibly, with caution and awareness.

Happy Thanksgiving, and let the Holiday Season begin!

Dr. José Pons Madera