Albizu’s Star Student of the Week: Meet Björn Sveinsson


My name is Björn and I’m currently a Masters in Mental Health Counseling graduate student in my third semester! As a student of psychology, I have enjoyed discussing and encouraging my community into the conversation and idea of mental health. Something I find a unique passion in is music; having played violin in my adolescence to keyboard playing to French horn in high school, I always love talking about having outlets for creativity, and music is just my definition of it!

I also am heavily involved in my community here at Redland, where I work as an AmeriCorps nonprofit volunteer in a middle school. There, as an English interventionist and student success coach, I support and empower students to their academic and socio-emotional potential. At-risk students with IEPs who are either not aware of community resources or lack the support of specific behavioral/academic needs are individuals that I choose to aid in. Between my volunteering and my time at Albizu so far (admittedly new), I find so many parallels of information and things that are being spoken about in the classroom at Albizu and using it in my own community.

I want to continue this conversation by involving myself in more spaces and areas to connect these ideas and passions. Things like mental health, education, creativity, the school-to-prison pipeline, these are topics that I may bring to the table and always love to discuss in greater detail. However, I am so excited and honored to be a part of the Student Council for the mere fact that I will be learning from my fellow peers and faculty so much more, and getting such endless potential and resources to use for my education and my own community. Thank you for your time and attention!

Warm Regards,
Björn Sveinsson