You have until midnight tonight, Wednesday, June 12, 2024, to accept the HEERF grant award if you are eligible. We have extended the acceptance period. You must go to Self-Service to accept the assistance.  You can find more information in your...
La Dra. Yessenia Rivera, Coordinadora del Programa de Práctica en Adiestramiento Clínico y Supervisora Clínica de los programas Ph.D. y Psy.D. ofrece herramientas y aspectos fundamentales que se deben tomar en cuenta desde el primer semestre doctoral mientras cursan...
Get ready to reunite, reminisce, and recharge at the First Annual Albizu Alumni Reunion and Fair 2024! 🎉 Dive into professional presentations, earn CEUs, and enjoy a day filled with refreshments, entertainment, and cherished memories.
Si necesitas ayuda psicológica, a través del Decanato de Estudiantes y el programa Yes U Can de Optimind, puedes recibir la asistencia que buscas.   No dejes de escucharlo.
Dive into the newest Albizu Magazine edition and get ready to be amazed! From philanthropy tips to emotional intelligence insights, our students, alumni, and faculty have poured their hearts into these articles. Get your mental gears turning and read...


Dean Dean ensuring student life success at Albizu University, Miami Campus. Dr. Sharrie R. Dean, Dean of Student Affairs.
Conversation with Bachelor of Psychology students and Dean Dean...Dr. Sharrie R. Dean, Dean of Student Affairs, Miami. Chatting and having a light meal while sharing our AU initiatives and experiences!


Students stopping by for an "agenda-less" evening of "Tea With Dean Dean" sharing about life, family, goals, hobbies, etc. Every last Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday of the month, 5 pm - 6 pm, with Dr. Sharrie R. Dean, Dean of Student Affairs, Miami.
Conversation with the Dr. Sharrie R. Dean, Dean of Student Affairs, "Dean Dean", Thursday, February 8, 2024, 6 pm, in the AU Student Success Center 2nd floor. Agenda included Graduate Student Center space design ideas with Architect Javier Rodriguez-Suarez; Career Week, Working to Improve what we have at AU..."your part" with making a difference, positive support, once an Alumnus – Remain Involved!