Lourdes ha completado y recibido recientemente su certificado de nuestro taller “Todo lo que debo saber para ofrecer práctica clínica en Modalidad Virtual”.  Está orgullosa de haber alcanzado este logro, al tiempo que comunica que se siente más cómoda y preparada para ofrecer...
Aliens, religious and political intrigue, secret world-domination societies and other far-fetched and not-so-far-fetched topics have been fueling conspiracy theories for years, decades and centuries. But why are conspiracy theories believed? Let’s face it, some are completely outlandish and others...

Writing Circle

Call for Applications! Degree seeking graduate students may apply until June 4 for a Title V PPOHA Grant Graduate Fellowship in the amount of $5,000. While the process is competitive, this year 20 instead of the typical...
Students are at the center of our work and we want to know how we are doing. Please take a few minutes to complete the student satisfaction survey, we read your feedback and use it to improve...
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Click on this link to read the interview of our AU Students Rita Rivera and Denise Carballeo with Psychology Today on ways to manage OCD during COVID-19. Congratulations Rita and Denise! https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/hope-resilience/202007/ways-manage-ocd-during-covid-19

Choosing a Research Topic

Choosing A Research Topic Workshop Sponsored by the Graduate Student Center Zoom link: https://fiu.zoom.us/j/95985775200?pwd=bEFhY0Q1dldzcG1JdkRlZmc2THpyZz09 Meeting ID: 959 8577 5200 Passcode: 5biW3J

Orientaciones Virtuales

S.O.S (SERVING OUR STUDENTS) ¡Participa de nuestras orientaciones virtuales y aclara tus dudas! Un representante de nuestras oficinas de servicios estará en apoyo para ti. jueves, 20 de agosto de 2020