Media Resources

Media Standard Procedure

The Institutional Marketing and Communication Office will coordinate all media releases or media opportunities intended for off-campus or external audiences. They will also provide media training and talking points.


Media Relations Services

The Office of Marketing & Communications serves the campus community by increasing public awareness of the university and enhancing the image of the institution. The office assists divisions, departments and offices in effectively communicating information about programs, awards, achievements, news and events. Contact the Marketing & Communications office for the following services:

  • Coordination of interviews and media visits for faculty, students and staff
  • Coordination of press conferences and other media events
  • Preparation and dissemination of College press releases
  • Assistance with opinion/editorial writing, talking points and remarks
  • Publicity for university events, speakers, activities, awards, honors and achievements
  • Management of crisis communications and media responses
  • Print and broadcast media training for faculty and staff

Press Releases

All press releases, statements on behalf of Albizu University must be released through the office of Marketing & Communications. 

A request to write and issue a press release for an event or announcement must be made at least two weeks prior to the event date or announcement date. The request can be made by calling or e-mailing the Marketing & Communications.  office. 

When requesting a press release, please include as much information as possible: details of date, time, place, program content and background information for speakers. Inform media relations about the type of audience you are trying to attract to the event. If you have a special publication you would like to see your story/event sent to, please submit the name of the publication(s) and contact information if available to you.

When you submit an idea, remember the Five Ws: who, what, when, where, why. Answer the Five Ws and you provide the office with a good start in developing the background and story pitches to the media. If you submit photographs, you must include the names of everyone who appears in the image and credit the photographer.

All press releases issued through the Office of Media Relations are written in Associated Press style. 

A request to write and issue a press release for an announcement or event must be made at least two weeks prior to the event date or announcement date. The request can be made by e-mailing the Marketing and Communications Office at

Campus Emergency/Crisis

Communications involving issues with university-wide significance and/or are of a controversial sensitive in nature, a campus emergency, major crisis or negative media are to be notified immediately to the Chief Marketing Officer and Chief of Staff with a copy to the corresponding Chancellor of the Campus where the situation occurred.

Karla Lopez Talero

Chief Marketing Officer

Dr. Bertha Rios

Chief of Staff

Dr. Julio Santana

Chancellor of the Campus in Puerto Rico and Centro de Mayaguez

Tilokie Depoo, Ph.D

Chancellor of the Miami Campus

Media Contacts

If you’re a journalist looking for information about the University, an expert to interview for a story, or researching a popular topic, reach out the media relations contacts below.

Ricardo Soto

Puerto Rico Media Contact

Jane Grant

Miami Media Contact

Project Assistance

The Division can also assist with the following:

  • Strategic marketing plans, communications plans, brand management and review
    Marketing communications materials (newsletters, magazines, invitation packages, brochures, pamphlets, booklets, mailing envelopes, catalogs, signs)
  • Editorial assistance (writing, re-writing, copyediting)
  • Media relations (press releases, limited video production)
  • Advertising plans and placement
  • Event materials and consultation
  • Direct-mail promotions and solicitations
  • Electronic and Web-based marketing solutions, including social media
  • Vendor recommendations for printing, photography and design

To request services, fill out the online Service Request Form.

Official Statements

The following official statements must be reproduced in appropriate publications and other communication pieces verbatim.

For more information or any questions, contact