Communications and Media Relations

Communications Standard Procedure

The Marketing and Communications Office serves the campus community by increasing public awareness of the university and enhancing institutional branding. In addition, it assists other departments in effectively marketing and communicating information about programs, awards, achievements, news and events, and managing crises.

As a standard procedure, the Marketing and Communications Office should be contacted for the following services:

  • Communications support for campus initiatives
  • Publicity plans for university events, speakers, activities, awards, honors, and achievements
  • Media relations and press releases
  • Official statements
  • Press conferences and other media events
  • Editing and clearance of editorial contributions and opinion editorials on behalf of the institution
  • Media training
  • Crisis management

Contact with the Marketing and Communications Office for these services must be submitted using the Project Request Form. All the job requests for communications support must be submitted three weeks in advance of the event or announcement date.

Media Inquiries

The Marketing and Communications Office will manage and coordinate all media inquiries and opportunities for off-campus or external audiences. All media inquiries must be directed to the Chief Marketing Officer or the contact person she may designate.

The Marketing and Communications Office will evaluate the inquiry or media opportunity to provide guidance and coordinate any necessary resources.  It will also provide official messaging and media training.

Crisis Management

Communications involving issues with university-wide significance or of a controversial, sensitive nature, a campus emergency, major crisis, or negative media are to be notified immediately to the Chief Marketing Officer and President, with a copy to the corresponding Chancellor of the Campus where the situation occurred.

The Chief Marketing Officer will activate the crisis management response team to assess the situation and activate a response plan. No employee, staff member, or student is authorized to provide official comments on behalf of Albizu University unless it has been previously cleared with the Chief Marketing Officer, the President, or Campus Chancellor.

Karla Lopez Talero

Chief Marketing Officer

Dr. Julio Santana

Chancellor of the Campus in Puerto Rico and Centro de Mayaguez

Media Contacts

News organizations, journalists, and other media may submit their inquiries using these contacts:

Ricardo Soto

Puerto Rico Media Contact

Mike Valdes-Fauli

Miami Media Contact

Official Accreditation Statements.

The following official statements must be reproduced in appropriate publications and other communication pieces verbatim.

For more information or any questions, contact